Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz

This is a collection of wines that have been aged in both whisky and wine barrels. The process of double barrel aging gives these wines a unique and complex flavour profile. Blending the spiciness of whisky barrel maturation with the softness and complexity of wine barrel maturation.

How are they made?

Wines in this range are matured first in American oak whisky barrels, then French oak wine barrels. This method brings together the best characteristics of each type of wood to create a unique flavor profile. Giving you a bolder, more complex tasting wine. Think sweet vanilla aromas from American oak, combined with notes of cedar, spice and chocolate from the French oak.

Why call it ‘double barrel’?

‘Double barrel’ refers to the process for making these wines. First, the winemaker will age them in American Oak Whisky Barrels for 10-14 months as part of their initial aging process (this also helps give them their rich golden colour). Then for the second round of ‘maturation’, the wine goes into French Oak Wine Barrels where they spend an additional 6 months aging before bottling.

Australian Winemaking

You probably know that Australia is known for its wine, but did you know why? Australia’s climate and rich soil make it the perfect place to grow grapes. In product development experiments, the winemakers from Jacob’s Creek wanted to give the consumer something different from what they were used to. On adding the grape juice in a second barrel (whiskey)  after first fermentation, which was unheard of, The Jacob’s Creek winemakers were surprised as this gave the taste effect they were looking for. The second barrel the wine is allowed to mature in is a whisk(e)y barrel, which gives the range that added layer of quality and richness it didn’t get from its interaction with American oak.

The Double Barrel Shiraz is full and generous, with the aged Scotch whisky barrels used for finishing enhancing these characteristics.

You get plum, blackberry, and vanilla flavours with a beautiful soft finish. Match this with rich wagyu beef or aged beef rib eye. These wines lend themselves to richer dishes, and winter nights in front of the fire (or standing over the barbecue).

Learn more about the double barrel range of wines

The unique flavor makes it a popular choice if you’re looking for a gift or something to impress at dinner parties. You can currently get it in three varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay. The Chardonnay has aromas of lemon curd and butterscotch; the Cabernet Sauvignon smells like blackcurrant and bay leaf, and the Shiraz has notes of dark chocolate and fennel seeds.

The color is dark purple; the smell is smoky with hints of spice, similar to many Australian reds; the taste starts with plum but quickly gives way to oak with undertones of tobacco that linger on your tongue long after you’ve swallowed. The woody flavor makes this good for pairing with food, which can help balance out that sharpness if you’re not a fan.

To serve this wine properly, simply place a bottle in your fridge at least two hours before drinking; then pour slowly into glasses with stems designed to fit your hand perfectly! This means when holding one up to toast someone else’s health (as you should do with all fine wines), they won’t feel left out because they can’t reach over their own glass without spilling anything onto their pantsuit/suit/dress/etcetera-etcetera-etcetera….

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