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Victoria Munywoki

Our History

We are proud to be the first online wine store in Kenya.

CELLAR254 was established in 2016 as an online store stocking handpicked, expertly tasted and carefully selected wine from around the world. It was borne out of a need to provide a central platform where wine lovers in Kenya can find a variety of great wines as well as get wine knowledge. CELLAR254 is about inspiring, enthusing and most importantly, sharing good quality wine at great value.

We value wine education. Wine knowledge is a journey through different cultures, traditions and countries. Every wine is unique and has a story to tell. This then is what we do; we celebrate and appreciate the diversity of wine. With an evolving wine culture in Kenya, our focus is on advancing this culture and creating a buzz around the accompanying benefits of wine consumption. Similarly, with different types of grapes to choose from, we are provoking people to be discerning, to identify wine they like and appreciate wine as a labour of love.

Our Philosophy

We believe we are not in the wine business we are firmly in the PEOPLE business. We respect and treasure our relationships with suppliers, producers and all our clients. Our wine partners are vey important to us.

At CELLAR254, quality and integrity of wine preceeds brand regognition or indeed the price of wine. We look out for wines whose producers care about sustainability and respect the earth.

Meet Our Founder

With more than a decades’ experience in the wine trade, Victoria Mulu-Munywoki is our founder. Her mission is to raise the level of wine knowledge and appreciation, whilst promoting responsible consumption of wine. With the perfect combination of global expertise and extensive local knowledge, she is responsible the selection and curation of wine at CELLAR254.

Victoria Munywoki

Partners & Contributors


Nixon Munga

Nixon Munga [thewinearchitect] is a sommelier, WSET 2 holder and architecture student who has a deep passion for food, wine, beverage and service. Find him on instagram @the_wine_architect


Erick Kyule

Eric is a Finance graduate and wine enthusiast. With a natural talent for graphic design, he enjoys discovering wines with quirky labels. His instagram is @erickmayoyo


Gloria Kinya

Gloria Kinya is a Business Marketing specialist and an experienced Sommelier with WSET Level 2 Qualifications. She enjoys discovering and geeking out on different wines. Find her on instagram @thatkinya

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