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A collection to help you entertain on any occasion.

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KShs 2,500.00 incl. of VAT

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1 × RUTINI COLLECTION Cabernet/ Malbec

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KShs 2,350.00 incl. of VAT
WAIPARA HILLS  Sauvignon Blanc
1 × WAIPARA HILLS Sauvignon Blanc

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KShs 2,300.00 incl. of VAT

Availability: In stock

KShs 4,260.00 incl. of VAT

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Do you crave a mix of red and white wine?  We pre-mix all your favourite wines. This mixed region case gives you red and white wine from all over the world. The different wine styles will be sure to give the twist when you pop open each bottle. We want to have you covered for any occasion.


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We taste each bottle, carefully select and ONLY stock well made and dependable wines.

Get your cases the same day you ordered for orders done before 1pm

Pay conviniently and securely using mobile money or credit cards

Mix your own cases of six wines, a great way to try the range

We feature unique and age-worthy wines monthly from the best vineyards

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