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At CELLAR254 we are passionate about the quality and provenance of the wine. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality wine at the best prices in Kenya, but sometimes you want to splash out on something a bit special. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or are looking for the perfect gift, you will always find something suitable on CELLAR254.

At CELLAR254, you not only get the best wines. We go a step further to offer our customers the best wine education, wine appreciation, and wine consultations. If you are new to the world of wine, we will help you until you can make a sound wine decision for yourself.

We aim to help you entertain effortlessly!


Taste is subjective; taste is about personal preference. We believe that “a little knowledge will enhance the pleasure of drinking wine!’ However, wine is also about personality flavor, and value. Therefore, with good food and good company, the wine will add to the sum of your pleasure. At CELLAR254, we help you find the wine you like in the most adventurous ways.

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Like you, we care deeply about the planet and its health. We are committed to caring for the environment. It is because of this simple reason that we run a recycling program. We endeavor to do our bit for the planet by ensuring the use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging materials.

YOu will receive your wine in bio-degradable boxes and bags. We recycle and re-use wine bottles to make very beautiful artifacts. Imagine a wine bottle fence, a wine bottle table, or even a wine bottle table. All this is done by creatives who turn empty wine bottles of any shape into something you would use over a long period of time.

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